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ccmcacollister 416 ( +1 | -1 )
Honest Site 4 OTB online play? GK does a wonderful job with its corr. Chess. But the otb/blitz has been in Beta stage for quite a long time. Even so, I consider it my #2 favorite place to play Real Time games online. However, I have to consider -> to have the slickest interface, that I have found for Real Time play. Games that can range from 10 sec.+1sec. on up to 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes etc. And just about any combination of time control in between those. And the best means for selection of opponents and making challenges, I believe.
The trouble for me is that, in my opinion, it does not seem to be a well controlled site. Computers there are supposed to show a (C) on their nik. Many dont, and get players to challenge them on that false pretext, who then may just resign in disgust, or play and lose. And so these unscupled computer programs get some really riduculous high ratings there, besides wasting your time.
Then there just seems to be a lot of boyyish to yobbish behavior there by many players. Very impolite, boorish or even cheating in various ways, that I wont even bother to ennumerate, as anyone who plays much online is doubtless well acquainted with the various ways to cheat or display poor sportsmanship.
But to 'get on with it', toward my question, it is simply this:
Howmany players would be interested in a site with an interface and workings similar to that used at the CA link above ... if someone could do it, but strive hard to provide a "cleaner" site? Would they pay to play there? If it could be nearly as good for otb online as GK is for Corr online?
A place that would actively pursue cheating or poor behavior to remove it from the site ASAP. And one with a lot of different levels of players available ... more than the 'same old bunch' that I seem to perceive as using that site, for instance. Even if the proposed site did not have a lot of Chess News and such like ICC provides at its site... would there be interest in a place that is just a really great one to get in some games of Chess, while lacking the typical frustrations we seem to find at such
Actually I do not understand, tho, why Chessanytime does not seem to get a better crowd there in quantity and in quality (of attitude especially) ? Can anyone tell me their thoughts upon that matter, too?
I dont use ICC much at all, nor -> because I find both the sets and opponent selection process to be awkward & cumbersome there. And I dont see it as being any superior at those, to the rest, as far as the problems stated above. (I may be wrong, as I dont play at them much, for the interface dislike I have).
I think it would be fantastic if GK would add a better otb type interface here, as the Webmaster is willing to crackdown upon any players of unseemly conduct. Yet at the site I propose, I would be intending to crack down upon any illicit computer
program use by players, as much as possible. To the extent that perhaps there would be times of mistaken action taken, if necessary. And I believe that much could be done to eliminate such problems in OTB formatted games.
{ There are ways. It can even be "proven", (factually and not as guesswork) even to a standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt", imo, if someone were willing to "go there" in doing what would be necessary to do that. IF so, then certainly it could be to "a preponderance of the evidence".
As so many persons seem to be fond of saying it cannot. Albeit costly ways, but perhaps a few Examples with penalties incurred would serve a site well. For it is certainly a tiresome thing, that tends to demean the entire sport, I feel.
And there are certainly much less costly ways to "prove" to a lesser standard, such as "managements discretion"}
That might be another Question for this thread :
... Just how far should a site go to keep itself clean, both sportsmanship and of computers? Any thoughts out there?
* * *
Regards, Craig A.C.
alberlie 42 ( +1 | -1 )
"I dont use ICC much at all, nor -> because I find both the sets and opponent selection process to be awkward & cumbersome there. And I dont see it as being any superior at those, to the rest, as far as the problems stated above. (I may be wrong, as I dont play at them much, for the interface dislike I have)."

But that's the whole fun about it!!! Who want's to play at with that slick Fritz8-type interface. ICC has style!!! :o))
jstack 25 ( +1 | -1 )
Hey Alberlie I play at haha. I like it because chessbase automatically records the games I play online and puts them in a database. Do you know if ICC would do that for me too? Well, it is also cheaper and that is important to me right a starving student. lol
alberlie 22 ( +1 | -1 )
yes, ICC does that as well. And students fee is 27,5 for a year - what does playchess charge? The only reasons I could think of for signing up with playchess is the chessmedia system which _is_ kinda neat...
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lucasbeauchamp 39 ( +1 | -1 )
If I were to pay for a site I would pay for ICC. The only other site that comes close is playchess, which I pay for buy buying software that I want anyway.

Sorry to say, but the challenge process at chessanytime and all similar sites strikes me as a waste of time. Chessanytime seems another in the Yahoo series: see ->
ccmcacollister 75 ( +1 | -1 )
Hi jstack ... Sounds like I may need to check into that playchess . com site.
I still cant see much to ICC. Except for the journalism.
I find the selection process at chessanytime So much better than ICC and freechess tho. You can challenge 1 or 30 players at a time there, and actually see Who they are as far as their nik. And challenge someone with multiple time controls, and let them pick which they like.
i dont know what you mean lucasbeauchamp , about comparing to Yahoo? There are no "Rooms" nor "tables" set up at chessanytime. So I dont see the similarity there?
But I dont like Yahoo much, either, if I recall it correctly from trying that several years ago. Maybe its changed !?
lucasbeauchamp 84 ( +1 | -1 )
No rooms, but the challenge process is too limiting for my tastes. I can challenge particular individuals at FICS, ICC, etc. when I wish, but most often I issue a general seek with a minimum rating specified. Instead of 30 players, 100s and sometimes 1000s see it (more if I set the minimum Elo lower) and I get a game quickly. I usually log on to such sites for a couple of quick 3 0 games to distract me temporarily from work. I prefer to spend as little time as possible waiting for a game.

I also find the boards--configurable for size, color, and piece style--enabled by the required software much superior to the applets used by chessanytime, yahoo, pogo, etc. All my games automatically go into a database in PGN format with no further effort on my part, so should I wish to analyze it or have Fritz run its analysis, it's only one-click to open the necessary program.
ccmcacollister 104 ( +1 | -1 )
Thanks! lucasbeauchamp ... I was not aware of much of that, which sounds good. I have usually limited myself to accepting existing challenges there, as I prefer to know who (and WHAT) I am playing ahead of time. Tho we disagree about the pieces and interface, all the rest of that sounds appealing to me. And perhaps you have a better version for ICC than whatever I had. (Blitzin, I think?) Which seemed quite awkward for viewing, to me. And tho I have 400+ DSL speed, opponents would ALWAYS use less time than me, even if I was moving Instantly, or even with the projected move held over the destination square. So I dont know what That was about. But it did cost me a lot of games. I cant stand playing Pogo!
I didnt mean to imply that chessanytime was limited to 30 challenges. I'm sure it would do more simultaneously, but not sure what the limit, if any. You would have to Click each of the challenges to make tho, as far as I know. I can do about 20 in 10 seconds I suppose. But I am getting tired of the deteriorating conduct there, and the increase of computers not properly marked.
chuckventimiglia 31 ( +1 | -1 )
I play at ICC and think it is.... great. Plenty of strong opponents. The system they
use takes into account your line speed. By that I
mean it figures your connect speed and subtracts that
from your time used. I may not be explaining it correctly.
Anyhow, ICC is the closest to OTB that I have found.
lucasbeauchamp 54 ( +1 | -1 )
Connection speed is not quite the issue, as I understand it, but network lag, which can be worse for overtaxed dial-up servers, but is not exclusive to slow connections. I sometimes lag when my children are gaming because it means that we are transferring more data through our modem.

ICC and others use timestamping which measures the actual time running on your local computer, which may appear quite different to your opponent if one or both are lagging. ICC explains it here: ->
jstack 8 ( +1 | -1 )
Hey Craig If you do decide to come to playchess, let me know. Maybe we can meet for a chat sometime?
ccmcacollister 11 ( +1 | -1 )
jstack ... Sure thing! I just havent gotten there yet! You know how living can interfere with Chess ha }8-)