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Bad Bishop dvd's I am in no way related to the Bad Bishop company!

That being said, my "Scheming Scandinavian!" by Andrew Martin arrived in the mail today and I popped it in the DVD player. I had purchased the "Accelerated Dragon Assault!" dvd, also by Martin, a few months prior and been very pleased with the content. Some of you might scoff at the idea of watching a chess video, and I was initially skeptical, but have found these videos to be extremely instructive and fun to watch. So, for those of you that balk at heavy opening theory books that have pages of coded algebraic notations with less than 10 words on each page, you might think of giving these videos a shot. Martin's humor makes the videos very entertaining too. I have no idea if they are making very much money with these, but I think they are really on to a great idea. Of course, you can never beat the detailed analysis of a traditional opening book, but you'd be suprised how much they can cover in these videos. Just thought I'd share my impressions.
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For those of you interested.